About S.Myers

Every morning our display takes approximately 2 hours to prepare and organise making sure everything has been cleaned and displayed accordingly.

Having been established for over 20 years we have a network of suppliers from around the country. We also take sustainability into account.

We have had to keep up with the trends of new seafood that have been introduced and it is becoming ever more important to do so.


With chefs been ever more creative with their dishes it is important to be able to introduce this on our fish display for our customers to buy and try out.


How it works


Pick your fish and seafood

Choose from a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood which comes in fresh everyday.


Choose how you would like it preparing

We will ask how you would like your fish preparing. From filleting, cleaning, scaling, skinning we can do it for you.


Take home and enjoy

You can ask for your fish vacuum packing which seals it so that you can take it home and freeze it if you wish.